Why Us?


With thousands of Website Design and Development companies out there to chose from why chose us?

The problem is not all companies are created equal. Currently there are three types of companies available to chose from;

Developers: These companies will provide the technical expertise such as programming and the set up of shopping cart service or databases. What they do not provide is creative design and the majority do not offer online marketing solutions.

Designers: Most web designers come from a graphic design background, their technical knowledge is limited and although they can create a visually appealing website it is not always user or search engine friendly.

Online Marketers: These companies are usually hired after a website has been completed. At this stage they will often have to duplicate services that have already been rendered to you, pulling apart and redesigning your site to effectively implement search engine optimization and other online marketing. Why pay twice?

How we compare. encompasses all three of these departments. Providing an integrated service that guarantees your website will work right the first time. With an eye to future growth we will build a solid foundation that can easily be expanded upon. Both efficient and cost effective for your long term business goals.

With our extensive programming background and web savvy developers we can accommodate your current as well as future needs. Staying up to date with the ever changing climate of the internet and innovations in technology.

We strive to design visually unique websites that are easy to navigate and project the look and feel that your company demands. We understand how important your web presence is. Going to your website should feel like walking through your office door or store front giving your visitors that sense of accessibility to you and your products/services. That all important first impression counts!

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, both business to business as well as consumer markets, we have a proven track record in search engine optimization and our online marketing doesn’t stop there. We will connect your print to your online marketing, use the power of social media and network you within the World Wide Web contributing to your future success.

We feel it is important that you understand this process and we will work with you so that you can make educated choices regarding your business. Making that idea in your mind become a reality on the web. This is Web Your Mind.


We are here for you. At each step of the process you will find that not only are we willing and able but also available to you. Analyzing your business and making sure your website is tailored to your market. It is important to us that you succeed in your endeavours. As your business grows we will be here to provide further solutions to you. Building success as well as a long term business relationship with you that benefits us both. You will never be just a number to us!


Whether you are a small start up business to a medium size company we have a solution that will fit your budget. Our company wishes to fill the void in the market that smaller businesses often cannot afford. An all inclusive professional service that will provide you with a successful and professional web presence, not unlike the bigger companies and corporations have. Our packages start as low as $800.00 and each project is developed in such as way as to provide for future growth. Give us a call you won’t be disappointed.

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