Our clients say it best!

Christina Vardoulias

“I highly recommend Sophia Anassis of Web Your Mind to any business wanting to upgrade or start a website. Sophia needs only the most minimal input from the business owner and creates a masterpiece. She did an absolutely amazing job on our website! She has beautiful design skills, great ideas, and offer quality and professional online marketing services. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!

She was prompt and made herself constantly available to answer my questions. She was very patient and walked me through all the steps that make a website a success, laying the foundation for a product worth optimizing for. She offered her expertise in a way that was easy to understand.

The result is a website that exceeded my expectations in appearance, functionality, features and search engine optimization.

You can feel confident in your decision to put your website in Sophia’s hands! I have recommended her services repeatedly, and to my most valued clients, and will not hesitate to refer clients to her again. “

Sophia Zoe

“I would like to thank Sophia Anassis of for taking over the design and function of the site after three others failed or disappeared off the Earth.

Work was done in a timely manner and with good explanations to help me understand that sometimes my demands exceed what humanity has attained.

She also designed an EFT Workshop poster for me that I think is gorgeous… and took a hundred thousand other frustrating tasks off my hands.”

Yemi Laotan

“Webyourmind did a terrific job in providing targeted marketing using online media.

Sophia Anassis (the owner) was very helpful, professional, and accessible, right from start to finish, on all three of the website development projects we have hired her for.

I strongly recommend her and we are continuing to employ her services on an on on-going basis!

Paul and Yemi (Nharo!)”

Denise Georgiou Newell

“Web your mind far surpassed all my expectations!

Being a Wedding Planner, whose life is all about creativity and being unique, as well as being a serious Type A personality, it was very difficult for me to turn over full control of my site to anyone. I had very specific ideas and really wanted my site to be ‘the best’.

Sophia went out of her way to research my industry in order to have an understanding about my industry and deliver the ‘perfect’ site. She used her own creativity along with my colour specs and verbal description to construct a template that was exactly what I was looking for.

Throughout the process she advised me about wording and placement on the site and pages that would increase traffic and help with search engines. Her marketing and SEO skills are impressive; she really knows her stuff and anyone would be lucky to have her create their site.

Overall, I would hire Sophia a million times over. She is fabulous, creative, and knowledgeable and really exceeded my expectations!

Sophia, thank you so much for creating a site that really profiles my company in the personal way that I requested. I appreciate your perfectionism, knowledge and commitment. My site is exactly what I envisioned and you truly captured the essence of my company!”


Stefanie Augusteijn

“Attention Business Owners! If you haven’t hired Web Your Mind to do your SEO optimization, you need to do it right now! Here’s my true story: as the owner of SexyPlus Clothing ( I needed to improve my search engine traffic and hired Sophia in June 2010.

I realize now that I should have done it much earlier. After spending over $1,000 with Google Ads which produced no results for me, my traffic since Sophia did my Search Engine Optimization has TRIPPLED at less than half the cost.

But that’s not all, Sophia went above and beyond by identifying a need for my payment gateway to be more customer friendly. She noticed that while my traffic was increasing, my conversion to actual purchases was still low and suggested that we make some changes to the way my customers would check out and use PayPal.

She is also very well versed in social media, and has helped me with my Facebook Fan Page which now has over 5,522 fans.

Sophia doesn’t miss an opportunity to connect me with other entrepreneurs in my industry. I have since connected with Liz McCallum from BBWellness and delivered a fashion show at their launch party this past Sept. which was a great opportunity for me to showcase my Fall collection and create buzz about my company.

Sophia is a person of integrity, professionalism and is actually a joy to work with and to know personally. She loves what she does, and it shows because she is very good at it. I am giving this testimonial of my own accord simply because I am happy with the work Sophia has done and I want other business owners to know they can trust her to deliver on many levels.

Please feel free to message me on Facebook if you need any further details or reference. Thank you Sophia. The future is bright.”

John Gatsis

“I wholeheartedly endorse the talented and effective web-designing and search-engine optimization provided by WebYourMind and its chief designer, Sophia Anassis.

For my particular project, Sophia was my liaison and website architect. Sophia assisted me greatly in designing, streamlining, and marketing me private online tutoring business. Her attention to detail went beyond anything that I expected and I would not have achieved such an elegant and effective website as an end result.

It has been three years since went live and I couldn’t be happier with the growth in traffic and lead generation of the targeted online marketing plan put in place for me.

WebYourMind is my one-stop web-design & marketing shop! I am already using some of the ideas that Sophia has brought forth during our regular planning sessions and integrating them to future expansions of the website. I look forward to a prosperous and continued interaction with Sophia and WebYourMind.”


Liz McCallum

“Choosing WebYourMind.Net to do both my websites for me was the best idea I have had for this business in years. Thank you so much!!”

Sean O’Connor

“This company is the real deal and worth every penny. MOST EXCELLENT WORK !!!!!! I fully endorse