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Social media is one of the most powerful marketing platforms that has emerged strongly in the past decade that businesses can utilize. Not convinced about the power of Social Media? Well, here are some astonishing numbers for you.

Facebook boasts 1.49 billion active users with 968 million of them logging on every day! Twitter has grown to over 316 million monthly active users BUT what is really interesting is that 47% of them are working adults ages 35 and over. That is a demographic that any company should want to tap in.

The list of social media websites is a long one and we understand that this marketing platform is very confusing and unfamiliar to most business owners. That is where we come in. We not only recommend what social media channels you should utilize but also set-up the accounts, create the graphics to ensure a unified look between your website and your social media presence and also offer training and guidance.

Social media marketing not only creates brand awareness but also facilitates word-of-mouth marketing, creates warmer leads and builds consumer trust.

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